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Ep. 9: Awake, O Sleeper, to EQUITY

On this episode, we welcome Bianca Vázquez, social activist and community organizer, as we engage how God is inviting us to awake to our agency around issues of equity.

Here are some ways to learn more about the opportunities discussed in this episode:

1. Volunteer with Beloved Community Incubator -- Bring your skills, time, and energy to work with current worker-owners in training. E-mail belovedcommunityincubator@gmail.com

2. Bring a training to your congregation -- Whether on Racial equity or Neighborhood listening campaigns, members of the Organizing for Mission Network can bring skilled practitioners to offer training. E-mail ofmnetwork@gmail.com

3. Bring Beloved Community Incubator & Dulce Hogar to your congregation. Hear directly from worker-owners about building cooperatives and engage in a conversation about building a more just and equitable local economy. 

4. Share about Dulce Hogar Cleaning Cooperative -- You can find them on Facebook here or visit their website at dulcehogarcleaning.com.

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